Madison MacArthur introduces our new IRC alliance partner in Nigeria

Leading Edge Consulting based in Lagos, Nigeria, joins IRC Global Executive Search Partners. This marks another important step in our ability to serve our clients globally.

May 2015

“Nigeria brings our global alliance to 79 offices cementing IRC’s position in top five executive search firms globally. We’re pleased that we can offer our clients first class executive search services in one of the most important economies on the African continent. Besides giving us a stronger footprint in Africa the Nigerian office is bringing deep sector expertise in a range of industries, including Financial Services, Industrial, Professional Services, FMCG and Energy,” says Sylvia MacArthur, past President of the Board of IRC Global Executive Search Partners and Principal of the IRC partner office in Canada.

UntitledDr Ije Jidenma, Managing Director & CEO of Leading Edge Consulting, adds on this: “Nigeria is the largest economy in Africa with the population of 170 million. Considering continued growth and diversification in areas such as oil production and agriculture, there is a vast potential for cross border talent search. Our firm also recognizes increasing cross border activities particularly across West Africa, East Africa and other parts of the world where Nigerian companies increasingly have footprints. All these developments have immense potential expanding the cross border executive search requirements.

Becoming a member firm with shared purpose and values is something we greatly cherish as an opportunity not only to uphold the tenets in professional practice but also a veritable platform to contribute to thought leadership in this vital area. Being globally connected and locally committed at the cutting edge brings unquantifiable value to our clients and to the environment from which we operate.”

About IRC Nigeria – Leading Edge Consulting

IRC Nigeria is one of Nigeria’s leading Executive Search and Management Consultancy firms based in Lagos. With a PhD in Psychology with specialization in Psychometrics and more than 30 years of working experience in HR & Management in corporations such as PwC and Merchant Bank of Africa, Ije Jidenma has been leading her firm since 2000. With 2 offices in Lagos, IRC Nigeria serves clients in private and public sectors across all industries as well as international NGOs and multilateral organizations. Its retained executive search and selection service has remained its flagship offering due to its in depth and exhaustive assessment and selection methodology. Leading Edge pioneered the Training and Certification of HR Practitioners in Occupational Testing together with The Psychological Corporation United Kingdom in the late nineties and has remained a firm of choice via referrals for top-level recruitment.

About IRC Global Executive Search Partners

IRC Global Executive Search Partners is a global professional alliance of executive search firms, united in their commitment to provide the highest possible standards in management recruitment services. With a growing roster of leading executive search firms across Europe, Middle East, the Americas, Africa, Asia and Australia, IRC Global Executive Search Partners has more than 300 accomplished executive search professionals in 79 offices across 6 continents. Our clients range from large multinationals to middle market companies, and we have a track record of more than 30,000 completed assignments for 2,000+ clients in almost every conceivable industry segment and function. Ranked among the world’s 5 largest retained search firms, IRC Global Executive Search Partners is an alliance that embodies the best of both worlds – Globally Connected and Locally Committed.

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Often it’s the questions you ask, rather than the answers you give.

It’s been a heavy week or two of interviewing for some of our candidates, who are engaging on some top executive roles with prospective new employers.

The employers (our clients) are trying hard to maintain the balance between ‘wooing’ the best people (our candidates), who are not actively looking for jobs and therefore require some good hard ‘selling’ on the part of the new company to encourage them to make strategic career moves; and ensuring that they go through a thorough process of screening and interviewing to ensure that they recruit the individual who is both the ‘best’ AND the ‘best fit’.

In my debriefing process with my clients, it seems that one of the more revealing factors in the executive level interview is the ‘dialogue’ that takes place when the candidate is given an opportunity to ask questions. You know…..that time when most of the standard box ticking has already taken place, and the interviewer passes the baton to the interviewee with an off-the cuff ‘So, do you have any questions?’.

While it may seem very ‘by the way’, it is important NOT to underestimate this part of the session – what you ask, or don’t ask can be the ultimate differentiator between you and the other shortlisted candidates. It will allow you to further demonstrate your strategic insights, your ability to focus on the priorities and challenges of the role, as well as your listening skills. It will also provide you with valuable insight into the company to help you evaluate if you want to work there.

On the other hand, asking low level, pedestrian or logistics-oriented questions is just a waste of a valuable opportunity.

And an absolute, definite, ‘you lost the job before you got out the door’ no-no, is to respond to the ‘do you have any questions’ invitation with a ‘no thanks’.

Some astute questions that our candidates have asked during interviews include:

What do you expect me to accomplish in the first 6 to 12 months in the role?

What are the common attributes of your top performers?

What are the key things that really drive results for the company?

What do you see to be the biggest challenges ahead for the company?

So do your homework and work up some thought provoking questions – it will be the last, and ideally positive lasting, impression that you leave with the interviewer.

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