Global Executive Placement Trends….turning away at the altar!

One would think that in a time of tough-ish, tight-ish global markets, where GREAT executive positions with fantastic companies, excellent prospects, and wonderful career challenges are not exactly hanging on trees, that executive candidates would be lining up, desperate to sign on the dotted line when a really GOOD opportunity arises.

Well, think again!

It seems that while high level candidates are as willing as ever to play the dating game, and invest time and energy in the courting process, when it comes to actually taking the plunge and accepting a job offer, execs are  often taking an approach of ‘better the devil you know’, and remaining with their current employer.

WHY is this happening, you ask????

It seems that the impact of the ongoing (it’s been 5 years or so, now) tough-ish, tight-ish global markets is a high level of fear and uncertainty amongst those who have the most to lose by making the wrong career move – senior managers, directors and other C-suite professionals.

And considering that most top players are in senior roles at the time of engaging with a new prospective employer – ie. they have jobs! – when it comes down the wire, they are often either accepting counteroffers, or outright declining a new offer, more frequently than has happened in the relatively recent past.

Interestingly, it became evident at a recent IRC Global Executive Search Partners conference, that this trend is not limited to Canada – it’s global!

More importantly, though, is what we and our corporate clients can do to deal with this trend, and ensure the successful conclusion of top appointments?

The following will go a LONG way to reversing the trend:

  1. Make a GREAT offer – not just a marginal one!
  2. Ensure that the interview process is thorough, but also swift, seamless and faultlessly executed.
  3. Keep ‘selling’ the opportunity – this is not the time to be expecting headhunted candidates to tell you why they so desperately want to work for your company.
  4. Go the extra mile – invest in the process personally, and do not outsource the final stages to administrators alone.


With these strategies to counter the counter, we’ll win this battle together!


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